Wedding Blog – Setting the perfect date for your wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding one of the first things you will need to organise is the date. Imagine the conversation…..

You “I’m getting married!”
Friend “ Congratulations, when’s the date?”
You “Err not sure”

Doesn’t really sound as if you are committed to the whole venture, does it? But before you get your diary out and circle a day, there are a few things you should consider….


Does your heart leap at the freshness and vibrancy of Spring with it’s implications of growth, reawakening and new life or do you worry it will be muddy and the flowers won’t be in bloom?

Are you the type of person who adores the warmth of Summer, the gardens in full glory and tea on the lawn or does it conjure up memories of sunburn, make-up sliding down your face, swollen ankles and nasty wasp stings?

Perhaps Autumn is your season, with its bold colours, soft light from the low sun, warmer clothes due to cooler temperatures (although Oct can be warmer than August!) and great seasonal food harvests.

Or what about Winter with its crispness, the chance of a white frost covered day sparkling away as your background or even the full drama of a stormy day. Or do you just want to hibernate by the glow of a log fire with a mug of something warm and comforting?

What about going for the whole Christmas vibe with fir cones, twinkly lights and a reindeer? Or do you find Christmas stressful enough without adding another shopping expedition to your to-do list?

Every season has its admirers and whilst the summer months of June/July/August are traditionally the most popular. May and September could well be less busy and easier for you to book your chosen venue.

Which day of the week is best for a wedding?

Whilst Saturday is still the preferred day it’s not the only option.  The advantages and disadvantages of a Saturday wedding.
 Your guests can make it as most people are off work.
 You have Sunday to recover
 It’s the most expensive day of the week
 Venues are booked well ahead (can be a couple of years)
 Suppliers are booked well in advance

What about a Friday wedding?
 You have the whole weekend to recover
 You can have a small get together on Saturday and still travel home on Sunday
 Your guests have time to explore the area on Saturday (weekend away)
 Suppliers aren’t so busy
 Lower costs than a Saturday
 Some venues have minimal price difference
 Not all your guests will want to take time off work
 Difficult for school children/teachers outside of school holidays

Getting married on a Sunday
 Most people are off work
 You have Saturday to prepare
 Your guests have Saturday to travel, prepare or explore
 You can have a get together on the Saturday and make a weekend of it
 Potential lower hotel costs
 Church weddings may be restricted
 Will your guests leave the party early so they can get home for work the following day?

Monday nuptials
 You have all weekend to prepare and do last minute shopping
 Guests can come early to area to explore
 Cheaper venue costs
 Cheaper supplier costs
 Potential cheaper travel to your honeymoon
 Potential for an informal get together on Sunday
 Good availability
 Not all your guests will want to take time off work (could be a good way of reducing numbers!)
 Difficult for school children/teachers to take time off outside of school holidays
 Evening only guests less likely to attend as coming after work at beginning of week

Bank Holiday Weddings

How about making your wedding into a mini break by getting married on a Bank Holiday Monday with an informal get-together on the Sunday. Leaving Saturday to travel/prepare and time to travel home on Tuesday after the traffic jams have disappeared. It’s sure to be a leisurely weekend your guests will remember.

Selecting a special date

Always check your calendar to make sure you aren’t clashing with a ceremonial day (or FA cup final). Enquire with family and close friends to make sure nothing is planned for that day; after all you don’t want to clash with cousin Clara’s wedding or there will be family tantrums!

Remember it’s your day so you may consider getting married on the date you first met or got engaged. This has the added benefit that “he” has less dates to remember for future anniversaries!

Choosing the date for your wedding can be like solving a complex puzzle; it needs to fit your schedule and that of your love-ones, the season, the availability of venue, suppliers and seasonal flowers and that’s before you’ve considered the budget.

If that all sounds exhausting, don’t worry!  At The Horn of Plenty we meet and discuss your options for seasons, the days of week and about reserving a special date. No hidden costs and plenty of advice to ensure your day is bespoke and extra special.

Published on Tuesday 08th May 2018