When: Every Monday

The history behind The Famous Pot Luck

A loyal tradition that has lived on these past 40 years and is still going strong today, Pot Luck Night still remains a firm favourite amongst guests at The Horn of Plenty, who look upon its founding concept with affection and appreciation. Originating during a time when food deliveries were only made on Tuesday mornings, come Monday night following a busy weekend’s service, founders Patrick and Sonia Stevenson were left to create a menu using only the remaining produce left in their fridge and larder.

However big the challenge presented itself, quality and freshness would never be compromised in creating great quality food for the guests dining in the restaurant that night. Instead, the menu was reduced, the price cut, but the quality was to always remain high.

Pot Luck Night became one of the most popular nights of the week in The Horn of Plenty restaurant, becoming a tradition that still lives on today in spite of the fact that these days we are blessed with daily deliveries and an on going availability of dishes.

Our special Pot Luck Night Menu offers a selection of three starters, main courses and desserts, priced at £29.00 for all three courses. Additional course choices are available, however a small supplement cost will be charged.