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Environmental Policy

The Horn of Plenty is committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations.

We recognise the impact of our operations on the environment and aim to be an increasingly efficient green and environmental hotel. We strive to minimise any detrimental effects as a result of our business.
By working together we can contribute to making a cleaner and safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive proper attention.
 In delivering our commitment we will:
•  Comply with relevant environmental legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.
•  Seek to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials but also maintaining the quality of service expected by our guests.
•  Monitor performance and aim for continued improvement by reducing re-using, and recycling in areas such as energy consumption, reduction of waste materials and water consumption.
•  Work with suppliers who have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment.
Current strategies designed to proactively improve our environmental footprint include:
•  Promoting the use of local suppliers, producers and manufacturers where possible.70% of our produce is now sourced within Devon, and 90% within the South West, minimising our food miles.
•  Our new accommodation (6 new rooms added in June 2014) is exceptionally heat retentive
•  Replacing our boilers with a Viessmann state of the art, economical boiler system.
•  Introducing our own water supply (June 2014), using a well within the grounds. We plan to start to bottle our own water in Spring 2015..
•  Creating a kitchen garden, reducing waste by 15% as all green kitchen waste is now composted.
•  Building a green soak away system which filters our waste water.
•  Replacing single-use toiletries with 500ml, refillable containers
•  Offering guests secure bike storage
• Introducing a Biomass unit (target completion mid February 2015), making our new boiler system even more efficient
Examples of everyday actions include:
•  Recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, fat oils (recycled by Oilmaster and used for fuel)
•  Saving energy by monitoring gas and electricity consumption on weekly basis, and re-use of towels for 2 day stays, unless otherwise requested by guests.
•  Reduction: Using recycled paper in our offices
•  Using ecological cleaning products wherever they fit our quality standards
•  Using water based paints.
•  Reducing water consumption by ongoing installation of new flush system in toilets.
•  Reducing waste packaging by the purchase of bulk food items and cleaning materials.

Guest Charter

It’s our belief that we can all “do our bit” to reduce our effect on the environment. We welcome the support of our guests to help us to become a more sustainable hotel.

- Eat local, buy local, see local
o Please support our wonderful local producers and services, we’re spoiled for choice in this area! Please ask our Receptionist team for hints/tips/suggestions.

- Reduce, re-use, recycle.
o Please help us by avoiding over-packaged goods

- Be water wise.
o Please turn taps off fully, and let us know of any dripping taps or leaks.
o Please leave towels in the bath or shower if you’d like them changed

- Conserve energy
o Please Switch off lights when you leave your room
o Please turn down your radiator if you’re too warm
o Please unplug your mobile unless it’s actually charging

- We’re on a mission to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve made great strides already – please see our Environmental Policy for more detail. Our plans for the next few months include bottling our own water (Spring 2015), adding an electric voltage optimisation box (March 2015) and introducing a Biomass unit (February 2015).

- Share your ideas
o If you think there’s more we could and should be doing, please let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks for your support!



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